The scholarship that's awarded for promise, not just past performance. 

The traditional academic environment is not well-suited for all students and that means some students performance in high school has not been indicative of their true potential. We exist for those students. 

Scholarship Details

One-time $1,500 scholarships are awarded each year (number of scholarships is dependent on available funds). At this time, the only criteria are established need and a commitment to learning. The scholarship committee also looks at students’ volunteer work and part-time employment to demonstrate commitment. GPA is not a deciding factor.



Each year the Scholarship Committee ranks applications based on a variety of factors. Factors include financial need, a strong will to succeed, community service, and a good attendance record. The committee focuses on students who clearly communicate their passion to pursue a specific career and show interest in that career path either through good grades in related classes, an experience in a part-time job (or volunteer work), or from a mentor.